What You Need To Know Before Renting A Telehandler

The word “telehandler” is short for “telescopic handler,” and it refers to a construction vehicle with a boom attached to the front, similar to a forklift or crane. The end of the boom can hold different types of attachments, like a winch, a bucket, or pallet fork. They are versatile machines that let drivers do multiple jobs that involved reaching, lifting, and placing heavy loads. Often contractors choose to rent a telehandler from a company such as Slaymaker Rental & Supply rather than purchasing one. If you are considering Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD, the following are some things you need to know ahead of time.

First of all, you need to be prepared to tell the rental dealer what you have to lift and how much it weighs. Since different machines have different lift capacities, providing a reliable weight estimate will allow the dealer to consult the manufacturer’s load charts to determine which telehandler can bear the load you need to move.

The next thing you need to know is how high you need to lift the load and how far forward you need to place it. It is important to come up with a reasonable measure of these distances in order to make sure the machine you rent is equipped to do the job you require. The height and forward reach of a telehandler depend on the length of the boom, and the manufacturer’s specifications will indicate whether a machine is equipped to place your load.

Be prepared to give a detailed description of your job site to the rental manager. He or she will need to know the size of the construction area, whether the ground is even or uneven and paved or unpaved, and whether the vehicle will need to travel on the highway to reach the job site. These factors determine the size of the machine you’ll require, the type of tires you’ll need, whether or not the vehicle will need four-wheel drive, and whether it needs road lights.

The time of year and the time of day when the telehandler will be used are also important factors to consider for Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD. If you’re working in the summer during the day, for example, you’ll need an air-conditioned cab. If you’re working at night, you’ll need lights to illuminate the job site.

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