What You Need to Know About Wearing Dentures Before You Call the Dentist

If you’re considering getting dentures from Plano, you should get as much information as you can about the entire process. The topic of dentures is actually a bit more complex than the average person thinks. This can be due to the structure of an individual patient’s mouth as well as their other unique features. That’s why this article will teach you a few things about what it’s like to wear dentures in Plano.

Lower Dentures

What most people don’t know is that wearing a lower denture can be more difficult than wearing them on the upper arch. Lower dentures get fitted in the part of the mouth that is more mobile. This area can also operate as the place where the tongue, cheeks, and lips dislodge the lower denture when the patient eats or talks.

The upper ridge is bigger than its lower counterpart. This can result in shrinkage over time. The factors presented here can also cause the lower denture to trap food in the area. But the good news is that people who wear dentures in Plano can learn to control the muscles in their face so that these things stop happening after a while.

How Long Will My Dentures Last?

Over time, dentures will get worn down through cleaning and eating. However, the base of your dentures doesn’t get adjusted to the bony ridges of your mouth. Visit your dentist every year for fittings and adjustments.

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