What You Need To Know About Warehouse Space in Estero, FL

Your office has been in the same building for half a decade, but the environment feels much older. Packaged product is stacked in odd corners, stacks of outdated manuals block windows and you want that new 3D printer but need to make space for it.

You also know that your budget might not stretch around an office large enough to double as a small showroom. Instead of getting a bigger office, you can simply rent the storage space you need. You can rent a warehouse to use as your stockroom.

Companies like Romar Rentals offer warehouse space in Estero, FL. Once you have your budget and square footage requirements, you are ready to choose what goes in the warehouse. Without knowing what you need to store, you won’t know if you will need additions to the warehouse’s interior.

Shelves, carousels, open bins, pallets or file cabinets are all good organizational aids. Before signing the lease, find out who supplies storage containers. If you must supply them, add that cost to your budget. However, you may discover that these storage options are included with the space.

Do you need to store hazardous materials? If so, Federal, State and Local agencies have regulations the warehouse owner must abide. The owner’s having to meet these and similar obligations may cost extra.

Pest control can save or sink a company, especially when they store their products in a rented warehouse. Ask the landlord or agent how the warehouse is kept pest free and how they manage infestations.

When looking through these sites, you might discover that you can have your office in the same space with your warehouse.

Moving both your office and its clutter may be more economical if you need space for manufacturing, assembly and storage. Order pulling and tracking, kit creation, and packaging are easily monitored when you can walk from your desk to the production warehouse without having to drive several blocks or miles between locations.

The creeping claustrophobia you feel at your business is a sign that your company is growing. If a customer just walked into your cluttered office, a rented warehouse might be in your future.

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