What You Need To Know About Roll Off Rental Service in Ithaca NY

If you are engaging in a major home renovation, building, or landscaping project, cleanup is a challenging part of the job. You’ll need a container that is large and sturdy enough to hold the debris your project will generate, and you’ll need a means of hauling that container away. One solution is Roll Off Rental Service in Ithaca NY.

Roll-offs are large, wheeled, rectangular dumpsters, usually with an open top. They are transported by special trucks designed to haul them. Many waste disposal companies rent roll-off containers since people typically need them only once or rarely.

If you rent a roll-off, you’ll need to determine the proper size for your needs. The following descriptions can help you figure this out.

A ten-yard container has a 1.5-ton limit, and it is good for jobs like cleaning up yard debris; cleaning out a one-car garage or a small basement; remodeling a small kitchen or bathroom; or removing a small deck, full carpeting, shingles from a 30 x 40 single-layer roof, or up to 80 square feet of broken concrete.

A twelve-yard container has a 2-ton limit. It is appropriate for all of the jobs listed above.

A fifteen-yard container has a 2-ton limit and can handle larger jobs. For example, you can use this size for cleaning out a two-car garage or a large basement; remodeling two bathrooms or a large kitchen; or removing a 10 x 20 deck, shingles from a 30 x 60 single-layer roof, or up to 120 square feet of broken concrete.

A thirty-yard container has a 3-ton limit. This size container can be used for jobs like new construction, whole house renovation, commercial cleanup or roof replacement, total re-landscaping, removing a large deck, or demolishing a shed or garage.

In general, a Roll Off Rental Service in Ithaca NY will accept mixed construction, demolition, and landscaping materials, but most will also have some restrictions on what can be placed in the container. For example, most companies will not accept hazardous waste materials, asbestos, paint, or batteries. In addition, concrete is often kept separate from other waste. Click Here to learn more about roll-off rentals and requirements.

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