What You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinets in Pittsburgh

When you are working on a kitchen renovation or upgrade, one key part of the upgrade can come from your choice of cabinets. Careful consideration must be given to the materials used in your kitchen design and this applies to kitchen cabinets in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. There are a few key points that can help make the choice of cabinet material an easier one to make:

Custom Wood Cabinetry

There are many popular materials that are used on wood cabinets and each one offers its own unique flare, features, and benefits that you can enjoy.


Known for being a hard, durable wood Maple offers a soft grained texture and comes in a variety of colors from white to red to browns. Maple works well in a range of kitchen styles and designs.


Cabinets made from offer rich colors and vibrant grain patterns that offer a unique and beautiful accent feature to any kitchen design or décor and it holds its color well with minimal care needed.


Birch is a subtle wood that has a unique color and grain design and is a popular choice for new kitchen renovations and new kitchen cabinets in Pittsburgh and many areas across the country.


Easily recognized by its bold grain pattern and rough grain pattern, oak is among the most common wood used in cabinet construction. This hardwood is durable, and it is known for its attractive hues.

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