What you need to know about fireplace hearths in Draper, UT

Do you have a fireplace in Draper, UT and you are thinking of installing a fireplace hearth? If so, there are many different options available for you to choose from. A fireplace hearth is like the main floor of the fireplace that extends out into the room. It is made of either brick, flagstone, cement, or another non-flammable material. Long ago, all fireplaces had a hearth and this addition is a wonderful way to add a timeless and classic look to your fireplace.

Why install a fireplace hearth?

Fireplace hearths Draper, UT companies such as Stone Mountain Castings & Design install can vary widely. There are many different types of fireplace hearths you can choose from including marble, stone, brick, or cement. The hearth serves the purpose of protecting your home from sparks and flames emitted when the fire is lit. It also serves the dual purpose of housing the fireplace tools and ash buckets. Nowadays, fireplaces hearths Draper, UT homeowners have installed offer both an aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Types of fireplace hearths

If you’re wondering about the types of fireplace hearths available to choose from, there are many different styles and designs but essentially four main types of fireplace hearths. These four main types include a raised hearth, where the fireplace hearth is located above the firebox opening, a flush hearth where the fireplace hearth is even with the firebox opening. A raised firebox is when the fireplace hearth is below the firebox opening and the final option is no hearth over the fireplace at all.

If you have elected to install a fireplace hearth, it is essential to choose a company that has a great reputation for installing durable, long-lasting, and attractive fireplace hearths.

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