What Vitamins Are Good for Memory?

If you are like most people, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your mental fitness and memory. Fortunately, by upping your intake of certain vitamins, you can probably boost your memory. If you want to take a vitamin for mental focus, consider one of the following.

Vitamin B-12

The B-12 vitamin is one of the most essential nutrients for supporting human life. For years, scientists have suspected B-12 insufficiency of contributing to memory loss. While many people can get enough of this vitamin with fish or poultry in their diets, vegetarians and those who take certain medications might not. Either way, if you are looking for a way to give a jolt to your memory abilities, you might ask your doctor about starting with B-12.

Vitamin E

Most people are not vitamin E deficient. Those who are, though, might suffer from the effects of memory loss. They might also have trouble learning new facts or skills. Especially in aging adults, vitamin E can be a powerful vitamin for mental focus. If you eat plenty of nuts, seeds, avocado, and dark vegetables and still think you might have a vitamin E deficiency, you should consider talking to your doctor about taking a supplement.


Those who feel their memory or mental acuity slipping often benefit from taking nootropics. If you haven’t heard of nootropics, you should look into them. Nootropic supplements are often a great way to increase focus and memory. For that reason, many call nootropics “smart drugs.”

Ginko Biloba and Fish Oil

While not technically vitamins, Ginko Biloba and fish oil both offer anecdotal memory improvement benefits. Many who want to boost their cognitive abilities choose to add these supplements to their diets. Generally, as part of a comprehensive strategy that incorporates vitamins and nootropics, you might boost your memory with Ginko and fish oil.

Scientists suspect that vitamins and supplements can enhance memory and mental acuity. If you are looking for a vitamin for mental focus, think about talking to your physician to see what is right for you.

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