What Types of Papers Does a Court Process Server Serve?

A court process server is someone who professionally delivers papers to anyone who has to have papers served to in the due process of a court proceeding. But what exactly are “papers” papers can mean a wide variety of different documents, all connected to court proceedings in different ways. Here’s an overview of the various papers that a court process server might serve.

A writ is just about the most simple sort of paper that will usually be involved with a court proceeding. It is a formal written order by a court, delivered with the full weight of the justice system. It isn’t a direct call to appear at the court, but is just a specific order to the person in question. Because the order can be just about anything the court requires, writs have some of the largest variety of papers that will be served.

A subpoena is a specific variety of writ that demands a person come in to court to testify. It doesn’t directly mean the party in question is under suspicion or anything, just that their presence is required in a court decision. This can be in a criminal issue, but it is not exclusive to criminal cases; civil cases can also subpoena someone to testify.

A complaint is a specific legal document that lays out the exact reason a party is being sued, and often lets them know that they are being sued.

A summons is the flip side of a subpoena. A summons is an actual order to appear in court from the court. It is often a criminal issue, but not always; you can also be summoned to court for civil reasons.

A notice that someone is being evicted from their home is another type of paper that would be served by a process server.

Divorce Papers
One very common type of papers delivered are divorce papers, as well as child custody papers, and just about anything in the area of family law.

The one thing all of these have in common is that it is vitally important that they are competently delivered. If a party isn’t notified of their involvement in a legal matter, then their fundamental rights are being denied. Court only works as arbitration if both parties are involved. If you are in need of a court process server in Toronto, ON, check out Select Documents for effective and professional service.

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