What Type of Compensation Claims Can I Make?

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Law Services

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If you have been involved in some type of accident in Huddersfield that resulted in an injury, you may be able to file one of the allowable compensation claims. Huddersfield solicitors are ready to help and will guide you through the confusing and difficult process of getting you the compensation you deserve following an accident. You are legally able to file certain types of compensation claims in Huddersfield and the rest of the UK, but you should not do so without the assistance of a solicitor.

Lost Income Claim

One of the claims that you file is a lost income claim. Because an injury can cause someone to be unable to work, they will lose income and that can certainly affect your life. You can legally file a compensation claim that will be your lost salary, minus taxes.

Travel Expenses

Another thing that you can claim in your compensation following an accident is travel expenses, if you had to travel in order to get treatment. This includes everything from taxi and bus fare to the use of your private car. You will be paid a certain amount each mile that you travel for medical treatment.

Medical Expenses

Speaking of medical treatment, you will also be able to claim compensation for the medical expenses that you incur due to your injuries. These will be calculated by any hospital, doctor or clinic that you used and will be part of your medical records. You should also note that prescription medication can also be claimed, as can refills of those medications.

Home Nursing Care

If the injury is extremely severe and you or your family member need nursing care at home. You will need to keep all invoices that you receive during the term of the care. You should also know, in the UK, it is also possible to be compensated for any care a family member gives an injured individual based on the average hourly rate of a home care nurse.

Holiday Loss

Finally, you will be able to claim any losses that may have occurred if you had a holiday or weekend getaway planned that you had to cancel due to your injury.

For more information about these claims, contact a solicitor in Huddersfield who is familiar with personal injury cases.

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