what to think about when choosing safe cleaning supplies

Most people know that not all carpet cleaning supplies are the same, and even though many manufacturers claim to offer the best, this is not always the case. Many supplies might seem to work better, but do not do much to protect the family against adverse effects of chemical exposure. So how exactly does one go about choosing the right supplies? Here are a few tips on how to go about that;

The ingredients

Do not simply take the marketer’s word for it. When comparing items on the shelves look at the different ingredients for the different carpet cleaning supplies. When comparing ingredients, it helps knowing what to lookout for. Watch out for the common sources of toxic chemicals such as ammonia, which can be a source of toxic chemicals when inhaled, swallowed or touched. Chlorine bleach, while strong, might be irritating to the skin, lungs and eyes. Petroleum solvents mostly found on surfactants or derivatives like formaldehyde might also be harmful. Other ingredients to look out for include phosphates, phthalates, butyl glycol, monobutyl and ethylene glycol. The presence of harmful ingredients is as much an indication of questionable quality as the complete lack of ingredient lists. Be wary of products without an enclosed ingredient list. There is no way of knowing exactly how safe they are.

The labeling

Just because the label says the product is natural or organic, or even eco-friendly does not mean they are completely safe. Verify the claim before buying your carpet cleaning supplies. Sometimes, the product labels themselves will be honest with you. Listen to the manufacturers when they warn about their products being corrosive, irritants or poisonous.


Sometimes it is about the ease of purchase and usability of the product you seek. Is it ready to use or diluted? Is it available only in retail stores or can you buy online or in wholesale? Individuals looking for products for cleaning or janitorial service companies might appreciate being able to find concentrate products on wholesale. Think about the cleaning equipment when buying supplies. Will it work with the kind of supplies bought? Some types of cleaning supplies might be corrosive or difficult to use. Other factors to consider include reputation, how easy they work and business/safety priorities.

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