What to Look for When Purchasing Used Quads in Tucson

Individuals, when looking to buy used quads in Tucson, need to know what they should be searching for. A used quad can be a great bargain or a headache in the making. It all depends on how thoroughly one goes over the machine before any money is exchanged. Following are some items to inspect when looking at a quad to make sure it is the good buy it appears to be.

Search the entire machine, checking for cracked welds and rust. Both are signs of damage to the ATV, as all steel parts that are exposed have been painted, coated or treated to prevent the development of rust. The only areas they might not undergo treatment are the chain and brake disks. On aluminum frames, consumers need to check for cracked welds, which appear as a black or dark silver line at the bottom of the weld.

The air box cover should be removed to inspect the air filter. In addition, when the cover is removed, the air intake system needs to be examined. Any dirt, debris or water in the area is a cause of concern, as it means the dirt, debris or water has likely entered the engine of the ATV. This is never good.

Motor oil in the quad should have the good viscosity, shouldn’t have any type of burnt smell and it should be free of all contaminants. If the oil appears dark, this could mean the ATV has problems also. While examining the oil, be sure to see how warm the motor is. If it’s warm, there could be a cold start problem the seller is trying to hide.

These are only a few of the problem areas one may find on a used quad. Others include the suspension and wheels. If there are any doubts, visit a reputable dealer to make the purchase.

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