What to Look For When Buying Used Tires & Wheels in Tupelo, MS

Automotive maintenance can be expensive. Most vehicle owners do not work on their own cars, and the associated mechanics fees are often seemingly exorbitantly high. One way to keep repairs within a budget is to buy used, if at all possible. Many parts simply aren’t available, or aren’t safe, to buy second-hand. Used Tires & Wheels in Tupelo MS are, however, the exception. Assuming vehicle owners know what to look for prior to making a purchase, they can get a good deal for less money.

Most consumers know to check the state of the tread on a tire. This involves checking for uneven or excessive wear and evaluating whether or not there are any obvious holes or tears. However, even a tire with perfect tread can still be dangerous to drive on. Look for the following things before making a purchase to ensure that the tire is safe.

Look For Exposed Cords

These will be clear on the surface of the tire. If the braided steel cords are showing, even in one small area, it means that the tire has been driven on while under-inflated. It is a sure sign of irregular wear, and indicates that the tire is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Check the Sidewall

Any irregularities on the sidewall are cause for concern. This includes belt separation, which is a sign that the rubber has become detached from the steel belts inside the tire. It can be checked by running a hand over the sidewall.

Newer is Better

There is a tire identification number printed on the sidewall of every used tire. This number indicates the age of the tire. Some used tire dealers will scrub this number off in an attempt to hide its age. Customers who notice that it is not present should consider taking their business elsewhere, as this unscrupulous behavior can lead to serious problems. If the number is present, check to ensure that it is not more than six years old. Even a tire that has not been driven on will deteriorate over time, so it’s best to look for a newer one.

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