What to Look for in Residential Garage Door Warranties

Most homeowners understand the importance of choosing garage doors with the right range of features. Not as much attention is paid to the terms and conditions found in the warranty plans. Before making a purchase, it does pay to read the terms in those Residential Garage Door Warranties and be on the lookout for a few specific features. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

The Range of Components Covered

While reading through the Residential Garage Door Warranties offered with any of the doors under consideration, look closely at the parts specifically named in the document. The goal is to make sure there is some type of protection associated with each of the expensive components. While it is one thing to replace a screw that came loose, it is another matter when the rails or one of the sections ends up failing due to a manufacturing flaw. Knowing what the warranty does and does not cover will ensure the owner is not in for an unhappy surprise later on.

The Duration of the Warranty

How long will the warranty be active? More to the point, how long with each of the protections in the warranty be in effect? Look closely at the terms, since it is possible for some of the points of coverage to expire sooner than others. This is especially important if the homeowner is thinking about purchasing an extended warranty. Never assume doing so will automatically extend all the coverages for the same duration.

What Constitutes Reasonable Wear and Tear?

When reading the warranty terms, the homeowner is likely to notice that the coverage is only good when the door is not subjected to what the manufacturer considers an unusual amount of use or wear. Ask what is considered a reasonable amount and decide if that does fit in with the way the door will be used.

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