What to Look for in Monitored Security in Louisville, KY

When you close your office, store, warehouse or other work venue for the day, you want to know your inventory is secure. Using monitored security in Louisville, KY will ensure things will be as they should be: safe and secure.

Full Service Monitoring

You want to make sure the company you select for monitored security in Louisville, KY offers full-service monitoring. Full-service means they are monitoring your business or facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Verified Monitoring

You also want verified monitoring to avoid false alarms. Many things can trigger a false alarm – it could be the cleaning crew putting away supplies or an employee working late. For outside security, it could be the wind rustling leaves on trees. The fines for the police responding to a property that has a false alarm can add up. Verified monitoring virtually eliminates false alarms. By integrating video surveillance, the professional monitoring technician can tell if an employee is entering or if a burglar is trying to steal equipment.

With verified monitoring, the monitoring security technician can notify law enforcement and give a full-description of the burglar so when they arrive, there will be no mistaken identity. Through verified monitoring, you can see live, in real time, what is going on at your home or place of business by using your smartphone. When it comes to monitoring security in Louisville, KY you have options that can assure you your possessions are safe.

To learn more about whether monitored security in Louisville, KY is right for you, contact Sonitrol Security of Louisville.

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