What to Look For In a Good Carpet Cleaning Company

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Cleaning

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Although there are many Carpet Cleaners in Honolulu, finding one that provides professional, effective service can be challenging, especially since the carpet cleaning industry isn’t regulated. Knowing what to look for and which questions to ask might make it easier to choose the right cleaning company.

Why Carpet Cleaning

Regularly cleaning the carpet in your home is essential to maintain a healthy indoor environment. The rugs and carpets in your home filter the air that circulates indoors and trap pollutants that can otherwise become airborne. Pollutants can include everything from dirt and dust to pet dander and cockroach allergens. To prevent buildup, your carpet needs to be cleaned, just like any other filter. In addition to extending the life of your carpet, regularly having it cleaned can also keep it looking good and feeling plush.

Recognizing Good Carpet Cleaners

Some Carpet Cleaners in Honolulu, such as PS Carpet Cleaners, state their A-plus Better Business Rating on their websites. This is a good sign when looking for a cleaning company, because it indicates that there weren’t any customer complaints reported in the past three years. You also want to make sure that the technician cleaning your carpet knows how to use the carpet-cleaning equipment and is fully trained and certified to do so. Ask about carpet cleaning methods, and which one they recommend for your home. Ask what exactly the recommended cleaning method will remove from the carpet. If you have pet urine stains, for instance, you want to make sure that the approach effectively removes all traces and odors to prevent re-soiling.

Compare Prices and Convenience

The cost of carpet cleaning shouldn’t be the deciding factor on which cleaning company to go with. Cheaper is not always better. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask for an estimate. Companies, such as PS Carpet Cleaners, which has been in business since 1985, will give you a free, honest quote over the phone. Convenience is another factor that you might want to look at when deciding on a carpet cleaning company. Some companies might only operate during hours that aren’t convenient to you, while others, including PS Carpet Cleaners, are available 24/7 and can even provide same-day service.