What to Look For in a Commercial Laundry Service in NYC

Getting your clothes washed and cleaned at a commercial laundry service isn’t a onetime affair. You’ll probably be taking your laundry there every week or at least every month. Hence there are a few key features that you should look out for in a Laundromat. Having an idea of all the good qualities a laundry service should have will help you make a good choice.

The quality of cleaning is of course the first thing you look at. In addition however, you also need to consider factors such as how well they care for your finer fabrics, how quick and convenient are their transactions, additional value added services they offer and how good their customer service is. A good commercial laundry service in NYC will always take exceptionally good care of your clothes as well as do it quick to save you time.

Cleaning and Care at Your Commercial Laundry Service

Good cleaning is undoubtedly the first thing you look for in your commercial laundry service in NYC. A good one should offer effective stain removal from clothes. There should be no marks, patches or dullness left in the clothes after they have been washed and cleaned. Especially check the underarms, cuffs, collars, bottoms of trousers and denims and other stain prone areas. Remember that a number of these nasty stains require pre treating of the area.

Do check in with the staff about their pre treatment procedures.

In addition to effective cleaning, caring for the fabric is also very important. A commercial laundry service in NYC must take utmost care by using mild detergents and no harsh chemicals that erode your fine fabrics or make them fade, appear dull etc. Fine and coarse fabrics shouldn’t be washed together and the staff at the commercial laundry service must follow healthy practices of separating and categorizing clothes according to stain groups.

Time Saving Transaction at a Commercial Laundry Service

Dropping and picking up your laundry from a laundry service is quite a commitment. You may have to make weekly or bi-weekly rounds there and you’d do very well by saving some time on these trips. Make sure they keep your order ready at the prescribed time. See if they give you the option to call in early to alert them. A good commercial laundry service should have means in place to help you get in and out as quickly as possible saving your time and energy.

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