What to Know about Sand Blasting in New Haven, Connecticut

Many people and businesses use services that will clean areas for them by a method known as abrasive blasting, which dates all the way back to the 1870’s. Another name for abrasive blasting is sandblasting, and the technique smooths out rough surfaces as well as removing contaminants from the surface. A company that does Sand Blasting in New Haven, Connecticut offers customers the benefit of the cleansing technique to get their surfaces ready for other use. Here are some things that customers might want to know about sandblasting.

What to Know about Sandblasting

Companies that offer to sandblast for customers will use something called a blasting cabinet that allows the operator of the sandblaster to recycle the abrasive material used in the cleaning. An air compressor is used to control the speed at which the abrasive material is blasted upon the surfaces, giving the operator the option to apply whatever amount of pressure is necessary for the customer. The job of sandblasting is potentially dangerous, and the customer should ensure that a sandblasting company is chosen that has the training necessary to perform the job.

More to Know about Sandblasting

Larger companies will use blast rooms to accomplish the sandblasting jobs, and also have other accessories, such as blast dust collectors and blast guns. The two types of sandblasting that are done are wet sandblasting and dry sandblasting, with the first being done primarily on outside jobs. Dry sandblasting is used for the jobs that are needed for inside work and is perfect since water is not used. Before the sandblasting is done, certain permits have to be obtained since the release of some of the particles used in sandblasting can cause respiratory issues.

Who to Call for Sandblasting in Connecticut

When a sandblasting job needs to be done in the New Haven, Connecticut area, Shelley Brothers Monuments CT is one of other sandblasting contractors available to do the work. Customers can check the qualifications and training of the sandblasting contractors to ensure they are safe to perform work. If any possible customers are in search of a contractor to do Sand Blasting in New Haven, Connecticut, one website they can visit is http://www.shelleybrothersmonumentsct.com/.

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