What to Know About JK Wheel Spacers

When people want to put large, tall tires on their Jeeps, they need JK wheel spacers. The wheel spacers help to widen the wheelbase of the Jeep so that the wheels stick out more and make the Jeep look more rugged. This also helps with handling around curves, and Jeep Wrangler JK wheel spacers are usually purchased in pairs. Some people choose kits that include all of the hardware that is needed.

Wheel Spacers

People often turn to the best suppliers for JK wheel spacers. These suppliers carry a range of off road parts so that people can customize their Jeep wranglers. Some wheel spacers come in kits with all of the necessary hardware, such as wheel studs, a thread locker, and lugnuts. The spacers also come in different sizes, and they are made with high quality materials so that they are strong and durable.

It is important to install them properly so that the vehicle is safe. One option is 1.5” wheel spacers that come in pairs with the lugs pre-installed and lug nuts included.

Why Use Them?

It is good to use JK wheel spacers to increase the offset of the wheel, especially when they buy bigger and taller tires. This helps reduce the stress on the axle’s studs and increases the radius of the tire scrub, which changes how the vehicle handles around turns. They are made of metal, and it is usually aluminum.

The spacers mount to the wheel stud and then lock the lug nuts to them, and then the wheels mount to the studs. This helps tires gain clearance and lets people keep the factory wheels so they don’t have to add new rims at the same time.

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