What to Know About Bail Bonds Professionals in Winder

Do you want to find out more information regarding bail bonds in the Winder area but don’t know where to look? One of the very best places to learn more about bail bonds is the website for a local bail bonding professional in the Winder area. According to the state law, the only person who can write a surety bond (the type of bond that most people use to get a friend or relative out of jail) is a professional bail bondsman.

When you call your bail bonds professionals in Winder, you will need to provide them with some specifics about the situation. Calling with this information will help your bail bondsman to get the process moving immediately so that you can get your friend or relative out of jail quickly. You’ll need to give your bail bondsman the full name of your friend or relative who has been arrested, the charge that they were arrested for, and the name or location of the jail where your friend or relative was taken.

If you have already learned the bond amount from your friend or relative who is in jail, you can give this number to your bail bondsman when you call as well. A skilled and experienced bail bond company like Bond James Bond Inc. will usually be able to tell you how much it will take to get the person out of jail right then. The amount it will take to bail a person out is typically equal to 10 percent of the bail figure. This is known as a surety bond.

Your bail bonds professionals in Winder will discuss the exact terms of your surety bond with you, but the typical bond simply requires that you remit money in the amount of 10 percent of the bail to the bail bondsman and that you sign a bonding contract. You will need to provide identification and proof of your residency in the Winder area, and you will usually need to review the bail bond contract with the bail bondsman so that you are fully aware of the terms. You will be taking responsibility for making sure that your friend or relative does arrive for the court appointment at which guilt or innocence is determined.

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