What to Include in an Inspection of Student Housing in West Lafayette, IN

Some people think of looking for Purdue University student housing in West Lafayette, IN, in the same way that they would search for a used car. There are some fantastic deals out there if you do your research. Here are a couple of things you should inspect before signing a lease on a specific student apartment.

After looking at your budget and making sure that a specific Purdue University student housing in West Lafayette, IN, option is in the right location and offers the amenities that you need, you must request to do an inspection of the apartment. This will ensure that you move into a place that has received the needed maintenance and is clean. You can create a small checklist that you can use as you do the inspection.

You want to look for any damage that may have been done by previous tenants. Examine the flooring, walls, countertops, and bathroom fixtures. If you notice stains, cracks, holes, or other damage, take pictures of the damage. Give this information to management. They will address it before you move in.

You also want to be sure that all the outlets and switches work properly. Turn off and on all the water faucets in the apartment. Open and close all the blinds and shades. Open and close the windows, doors, and closet doors to make sure they function properly.

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