What To Expect When You Sell Your Property To a Cash Buyer in Portland

The last time I sold a home, I wondered what it would be like if I sold my home to someone that would buy my house for cash in Portland. It turned out to be a great decision because I had my money in just days and there was less paperwork and steps than any other home sale I had done in the past. If you are interested in selling your home for cash, here are some of the simple steps you will go through.

Accept the offer and verify the funds

When I sold to a home that would buy my house for cash in Portland, the first step was receiving their offer. I found the amount to be satisfactory. After that, the buyer will verify that the funds are available. This cuts out a lot of uncertainty compared to a traditional offer with a traditional closing because there is no loan.


Depending on the buyer, they may require that the seller provide an inspection as part of the offer. This is just to ensure that they are getting what they paid for with their offer. In some cases, the buyer may not require an inspection because they plan to renovate the home anyways.

Signing day

On closing day, you will sign over the deed and title to the buyer. Some paperwork will be required which varies from state to state. If you want more information on how to sell your home for cash, call PDX Renovations LLC to see if the process is right for you.

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