What to Expect When You Purchase Your Home From New Home Builders

Buying a pre-owned home is fairly simple. You tour various homes until you find one with the features and amenities you like. When you find the perfect home, you order an inspection, negotiate a price with the seller, close your loan and move in. You don’t have to make many decisions after the fixtures and appliances until after you move in to a pre-owned home. This is not the case when you buy your home from New Home Builders.

Most builders will have more than one standard floor plan. You can choose the floor plan that is most appealing to you and fits within your budget. You may be able to make adjustments to your floor plan before the builders begin working on your home. Feel free to use your imagination to create a home that will be beautiful as well as functional for your family. Whether you have a young, growing family or want to add features to help you age in place, a new home builder may be able to accommodate you.

In addition to a floor plan, you will also need to choose your cabinets, counter tops and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. You can also include energy saving features in your newly-built home that can potentially save you a lot of money. These items are available in every price range but builders recommend you buy the best cabinets, counter tops, fixtures and appliances you can afford because you will have to live with them for several years. No one builds a new home with plans to upgrade it in the near future.

One of the greatest benefits of buying from new home builders is that everything in your home will work when you move in. In the odd situation that something doesn’t work, your builder will take care of the repair or replacement for you. Pre-owned homes are purchased as is and, unless the seller was intentionally dishonest about a defect, the buyer has little recourse if they find a problem after the sale is closed. Repairs on pre-owned homes can be expensive and are something you won’t have to worry about if you buy your home from Lancia Homes in northeast and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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