What to Expect When You Hire Drain Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NV

Drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, is essential to keeping your pipes running efficiently. Many homeowners choose to clean their own drains, but sometimes you need a professional. Learn what to expect from a professional drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV.

Diagnosis of the Problem

A seriously clogged drain usually cannot be remedied by DIY methods because a non-professional person could use the wrong method and damage the pipes not knowing the exact cause. Some drain cleaning services use a video inspection tool, a camera attached to a wire, to find damage. Video inspection cameras allow them locate the problem.

Getting Asked Questions

The plumbing service will ask you questions about the history of your drain and what problems you have experienced. Learning the history of your system helps them to determine the most suitable cleaning method. This is also a good time to ask the plumber any questions you have and to clear up costs.

Cleaning the Drain and Final Inspection

After the plumbing service locates the problem, they may use an auger or high-pressure washer to remove clogs. An auger is a long wire that feeds into the drain, which usually works for simple clogs. A pressure washer cleans the drain using a high-powered blast of water. The plumbing service then does a final check with the camera inspection tool.

Contact the Pros Today

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