What to Expect When Talking to a DWI Attorney in Jefferson County MO

It can be intimidating to meet with a lawyer for the first time, especially when the accused needs to meet with a DWI Attorney in Jefferson County MO to fight the criminal charges they’re facing. However, understanding a little bit about what to expect can make this easier on the accused and help them feel more at ease before the consultation begins. Those who do need to speak with an attorney should expect the following at a consultation.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

The attorney will have a lot of questions about the case, starting with what happened before the accused began driving and what happened to them after the arrest occurred. It is important for the attorney to understand everything that happened so they know what defenses might be possible for the case. Even small details can change the potential defenses and may make it easier for a lengthy jail sentence to be avoided.

Discuss Everything and Be Honest

The accused should be prepared to discuss everything with the attorney. It is crucial they are honest, as surprises later in the case can cause significant issues and lead to a conviction with harsher penalties than the accused may have expected. There is client-attorney confidentiality even at the consultation, so it’s never a good idea to hide any details or try to lie about what happened.

Think Carefully About Possible Outcomes

The attorney may give the accused advice on what to do next and suggest a few possible ways to handle the case. Though the accused will want the charges dismissed, that isn’t always possible. They should think carefully about what the attorney tells them and make a decision on how to proceed that’s going to help them get a better outcome for the case, even if it’s not exactly what they wanted.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, it’s important for you to have a consultation with a DWI Attorney in Jefferson County MO right away, even if you’re nervous about how it works or what to say. Visit the website for the Wegmann Law Firm to learn more about the initial consultation or to schedule a time to speak with an attorney about your case.

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