What to Expect When Looking For Designer Eyewear in NYC

9947101_lIf you are looking to purchase a pair of glasses, consider investing in Designer Eyewear in NYC. There are many benefits in buying a pair of designer glasses over a pair of cheaper glasses. Learning about these benefits might just convince you to go forward with your purchase.

Better Quality

Optical stores, such as Charlotte Jones Opticians, offer eyewear from designers, such as Claire Goldsmith, Thom Browne, Michel Henau, and Loree Rodkin, for a reason. Designer eyewear is often of a better quality than cheaper non-designer glasses, which tend to break prematurely and make for an uncomfortable fit. Designers often use the finest materials to make their eyewear as comfortable and lightweight as possible.

Stylish Frames

Whether you’re dealing with a clothing designer or an eyewear designer, to be successful, they must remain one step ahead of the game at all times. This is also why designer frames are often more stylish than more affordable eyewear designs. Browse the website of Charlotte Jones Opticians for a clear sample of trendy designer eyewear. The designer glasses sold in this store are not just stylish, they’re also in fashion with celebrities and international jet-setters. These are also the people responsible for setting current fashion trends.

Perfect Fit

Unlike cheap glasses, you don’t just buy Designer Eyewear in NYC off a rack. First, a licensed optician will make sure to interpret your doctor’s prescription accurately, so you get the right lenses. Then, your face shape, skin tone, and fashion and lifestyle, will be taken into consideration to determine the right frame for your face. You might end up with a stylish frame that matches your hair or brings out the color of your eyes. Regardless of the designer glasses you end up with, you can rest assure that you’ll have quality glasses that are comfortable, stylish, and most importantly enhance your vision so you see clearly.


A pair of quality designer glasses will last longer, look better and fit better than a pair of cheap glasses. When you value your vision and are willing to make an investment in a pair of quality glasses, a good optician will spend time with you to show you the various options available. Always try on a variety of glasses, and bring along a trusted friend, just in case you’re indecisive and want an unbiased second opinion.

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