What To Expect When Deciding To Sell Gold In Chicago

Whether a person is looking to get extra money or liquidate a collection of old jewelry, one of the easiest ways to turn unused precious metals into cash is to sell them to a pawn shop. While it is possible to sell the items to a private party, it will likely take longer to sell, not to mention the cost of running ads. Rather than making it complicated consider visiting a pawn shop, as they offer a secure and convenient way to Sell Gold in Chicago.

Initial Evaluation

To begin, a jewelry expert will examine the piece and use a variety of techniques to ensure the authenticity of the gold and any stones that are included as part of the ring. Next, they will determine the value of the items in two different groups. First, a price will be assigned to the stones, and a separate amount will be attached to gold that the object is constructed from.

Contract Formation

Once the dealer determines the value, they will create a contract which states the purchase price of the item and any conditions related to refunds or requests to return the jewelry in the future. It will also indicate that the person attests that the piece is not stolen and that they have the legal authority to pawn it. Be sure to read over the contract before signing it, as it is a binding document that will be complicated to breach.

Payout Options

The last step involved is to Sell Gold in Chicago to the dealer. Most will provide a cash price and a gift certificate voucher price. The cash price will generally be lower, but the individuals will leave the establishment with money in hand. It is essential to select an option that will provide the highest level of convenience, but most consumers report getting as much as 5 percent more by opting for a gift certification option.

The process of liquidating any old and unused jewelry should be straightforward. The team at Clark Pawners & Jewelers provides evaluation services and pays top dollar for any precious metal items. Check out their site or stop by their store today to learn more and turn any unworn jewelry into cash in as little as 20 minutes.

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