What to Expect From Your Agent When You List A Home For Sale in Staten Island

Making a decision to sell your home can be exciting but it is vital that you understand the next steps in the process. By choosing an experienced real estate company, you can be sure that your agent knows exactly how to sell your home and can guide you through the process from listing to closing.

When you select your agent, be sure that the company has experience in Staten Island. An agent who knows all about the neighborhoods and trends will be in the best position to handle your Home For Sale in Staten Island. He or she will be able to provide a wealth of information to potential buyers pertaining to schools, nightlife, community organizations, employment opportunities and crime statistics.

After your home is listed, you can expect potential buyers to want to see it. Your agent should help you prepare your home for showings by advising you to remove personal photographs or to paint your walls in a neutral color. An experienced agent knows what buyers are looking for in your area and can help you make your home as attractive as possible to those buyers.

Your agent may organize an open house to show your home to many potential buyers in a short time period. An open house poses a slight inconvenience to the seller but often results in one or more offers shortly after the home is listed. Most sellers are not home during open houses, allowing potential buyers the freedom to look around and comment on the home. Your agent can help you evaluate the offers and negotiate deals with potential buyers.

If your home has been on the market for more than two months, expect your agent to talk to you about a sales strategy. At this meeting, you will discuss what is going right and wrong and how you can attract more qualified buyers to your Home For Sale in Staten Island. You may go over comments made by buyers and should consider making some of the changes they asked for, such as installing new windows or carpeting. You may also be asked to consider lowering your sales price if you are anxious to sell quickly.
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