What to Expect from Professional Repiping Contractors in Park Ridge

Residential repiping jobs are complex and require the expertise of repiping contractors in Park Ridge. Homes with leaky pipes might need one more or more pipes redone to fix the issue. Here’s what to expect when hiring contractors for this plumbing job.

Repiping Contractors Pull Permits

Permits are required for repiping jobs. The permit process includes applying for the permit, installing pipes according to local codes, and having the work inspected by a city inspector before the job’s marked as complete. Homeowners need a contractor to pull these permits. Contractors also work with city inspectors to coordinate the inspection process.

Contractors Will Remove Building Materials

Many people are surprised by the demolition process. They don’t expect their plumber to remove drywall, studs, and other building materials. However, demolition is required to get to the pipes. Before beginning the repiping process, homeowners should discuss the demolition process with the contractor and be clear about who’s responsible for putting the deconstructed parts back together.

Contractors Will Turn Off the Water

Contractors can’t repipe with the water turned on. In most cases, even small repiping jobs, contractors will turn off the water at the point where it enters the house from the utility company’s line. Homeowners should plan to have an alternate water source available. Some people choose to leave their homes during the process.

The repiping process can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to have leak-free plumbing in the home. To discuss pipe replacement with repiping contractors in Park Ridge, contact North Coast Sewer and Drainage online at https://northcoastplumbing.us.

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