What to Expect From Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT

Children require a myriad of educational opportunities to not only expand their knowledge but also improve their skills. A classroom setting is not all that’s offered. Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT also include a gymnastics class. This environment allows children to gain social skills, improve their coordination, and much more. Knowing what to expect before enrolling a child in a program such as this will help parents understand why it is so wonderful for their kids.

Classes Based on Age

Not all children younger than school age get thrown into one class together. Instead, the classes all get based on smaller age ranges, such as 12-24 months or four and a half to six years old. Each age group has a different set of goals to focus on during the sessions.

Goal Setting

Each child gets to learn how to properly set goals while in a gymnastics program. They learn the importance of setting a goal and sticking to it. While one kid may strive to gain more friends, another might want to improve his or her skills of coordination and balance. The goals are personal to each child and get set accordingly.

Improved Total Body Strength

Any type of exercise is going to improve the body. Gymnastics focuses on the body as whole, ensuring total body strength that is greatly improved over being in a sedentary state. Children that remain inactive and never participate in an activity often have poor body strength. They can’t carry much. Those who do participate can gain more muscle and carry a far greater amount. They may also be more flexible and better able to handle themselves in certain situations.

Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT are highly beneficial for young children ages one year to six years. Before starting school, most kids do not get the socialization with others their age that they need. They may lack confidence, have poor body strength, and need improvement on coordination. Taking a pre-school gymnastics class in particular is a great way for children to gain all of these skills and more and best prepare for the school life that’s ahead. Browse our website for class times and availability.

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