What To Expect From In Ground Swimming Pool contractor inFishers IN

Swimming pools are fun, relaxing and a great way to cool off in those hot summers. If you like entertaining, a swimming pool can become the focus of that fun. You’ll look forward to grilling in the backyard while your friends and family cool off in your beautiful pool. So now that you’ve decided to make this purchase, its time to start looking for an In Ground Swimming Pool contractor in Fishers IN.

There are several types of pools to choose from. A vinyl lined pool is cheaper initially to install. The vinyl liner offers better insulation, comes in more patterns/colors and is treated to prevent algae growth. The downside to these pools is the liner has to be replaced about every 10 years, but the replacement only takes 1-2 days. It is a bit pricey to replace the liner and the 20 year warranties are usually prorated.

Concrete pools offer more variety in shape and depth. You can even get an infinity edge or a beach type entry. Because of the rough surface however, they must be brushed free of algae and the porous surface means more chemicals added. If you select a saltwater pool the maintenance is much cheaper and takes less time. The saltwater pool generator continuously works to turn salt into chlorinated water so all you have to add is salt. The initial cost of a saltwater generator is higher, but the maintenance cost is cheaper. The smell is much better than regular chlorinated pools, there will be less eye irritation and it softens the skin instead of drying it out. A concrete pool does have to be resurfaced about every 10-20 years.

Another option would be a fiberglass pool. These pools are very low in maintenance as the fiberglass makes it extremely hard for algae to form. There is no resurfacing to be done, and they are quicker to install. However, you are limited to 16 feet in width because these pools are manufactured in one piece before being shipped out. The shipping is limited to 16 feet.

Do a little research on the internet and click to find more info on pools to make the right choice for you. Then let an In Ground Swimming Pool contractor in Fishers IN do the work for you. They will give you a beautiful pool and any extras you choose that will give you many years of enjoyment.

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