What to Expect from an Initial Visit to a Family Dentist St George UT

Seeing a new Family Dentist St George UT, can make a person a bit nervous. Part of this comes from not knowing what to expect. While the majority of dentists incorporate similar elements into their visits to ensure comprehensive dental care, each dentist sets his own office protocols. The following information can help a dental patient become aware of the probable actions that will occur during an initial visit.

The first part of an initial visit with a Family Dentist St George UT, typically starts with a consultation. The dentist will usually start asking the patient questions about her dental and medical histories. It’s important to be as accurate and forthcoming with information as possible. A dental problem can be related to a problem in another part of the body. It’s helpful if a patient makes a list of questions to ask the dentist during the consultation. Some of the questions may have to do with fear of dentistry and results of dental care. A dentist will often refer to a patient’s medical questionnaire and dental records during the entire visit to form proper diagnoses.

After a consultation, a dentist will perform an in-depth inspection of a person’s mouth and areas surrounding the mouth. A dentist will look for abnormalities indicative of dental diseases and dental conditions. Some signs a dentist will assess for around the mouth include redness, lumps, rashes, irritations, lesions, the skin texture. This can be done by a visual assessment or palpating. The inside of a person’s mouth will be checked out for gum problems such as gingivitis. The teeth will be examined for tooth decay and other problems. A dentist will typically test a dental patient’s jaw joint as well. All of these findings will be recorded in a person’s dental records for further use.

After a consultation and examination, a dentist will use the information to help form a care plan for the patient to follow. This will help a person have enhanced oral health and a smile she can love. For more information on dental services, Visit Site of Jeppson & Hatch Dental. This practice can handle restorative and preventive dentistry to help patients have healthier smiles.

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