What to Expect From an Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Valley

8612429_lInjuries resulting from an automobile accident can leave you in pain, worried about the family and how the bills will be paid when the income stops. Although injuries result in the pain and suffering, it is something an attorney cannot do much about, except be sure you are getting the best medical care, he can take immediate steps to obtain a just settlement for you.

The Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Valley can be sure your car is repaired or replaced, your medical bills are paid, and you have some income. He will become your advocate in the injury liability recovery process. His experience will go to work for you immediately.

He will check the accident scene for any problems which may have contributed to the accident. Witnesses will be interviewed as well as the investigating police officer and the EMS Team. The hospital Emergency Room staff will also be interviewed because they treated the injuries first. The EMS Team and the police officer will have valuable information the attorney will need to begin building a picture of the accident.The other vehicle will be examined to determine if it had mechanical problems, such as bad brakes, bald tires or any indication of mechanical neglect which would indicate the owner was careless about maintaining the vehicle. The accident scene will be reviewed for contributing factors. The Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Valley will handle all of the paper work and talk to the insurance adjusters for you. All of the questions proposed by any law enforcement officer will also be answered by the attorney. You will not have to worry about anything.

An attorney, such as those you find at PRICE AND PRICE, should be compassionate and understand what you are experiencing. He should understands the trauma of the injuries you are suffering with and the worry you and your family are dealing with. The physical injuries are not his only concern, but he is also concerned about lifting as many burdens off of your mind as he can.

When the attorney has a complete picture of your injuries and the prognosis, he will craft a settlement to propose to the insurance company, negotiating with the insurance company up to a point, and when he decides there is nothing to gain from talking, he will file a law suit on your behalf, seeking payments for damages to you and your spouse.

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