What To Expect From A Storage Facility In Lubbock, TX

In Texas, storage units provide a convenient service for property owners and apartment tenants. The units give the customers somewhere to store their belongings short- or long-term. The services are available at any time and are great solutions for decluttering a home or office. A local Storage Facility in Lubbock TX offers a wide assortment of units for any purposes.

Affordable Monthly Rates

Storage facilities don’t require tenants to maintain a lengthy lease. The fees are paid each month when the service is required. The tenant informs the facility manager when they are moving out and pay the current charges. The monthly fees are based on the size of the unit.

24-Hour Security for All Units

Select storage facilities offer 24-hour security surveillance for all units. Some facilities offer on-site security during the day. All units are monitored and, if a break-in occurs, the surveillance footage offers options for creating still images to catch the perpetrator. All units have individual locks, and tenants have the only keys.

Spacious Units and Multiple Sizes

The facilities offer spacious units in multiple dimensions to accommodate households of different sizes. The service provider’s website explains how many rooms of furniture are accommodated by each unit size. The details help tenants choose the best size for their belongings and determine the exact fee for renting the unit. Select facilities allow the tenants to choose and reserve their units online.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

Some units are climate-controlled and offer year-round temperature control. The units are recommended for items that are sensitive to extreme weather. Any items that could become damaged in high heat or freezing temps should be placed in a climate-controlled environment for maximum protection. Non-climate controlled units are also available if the tenant prefers.

In Texas, storage facilities offer affordable rates for residential and commercial clients. The fees are paid at the beginning of every month or until the client ends their contract. The units are monitored by security surveillance systems and on-site guards. All units are spacious and accommodate the client’s belongings adequately. Customers who want more information are encouraged to contact their preferred Storage Facility in Lubbock TX or Click here for further details.

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