What to Expect Before Visiting a Foot Doctor in Plainfield, IL

When dealing with foot pain, the last thing many patients want to do is make an appointment with a doctor. However, ignoring your foot pain can lead to further problems down the road. Here’s what you can expect when you visit a foot doctor in Plainfield, IL, for the first time.

First, your doctor will take a thorough medical history. This will help them to understand any underlying conditions that may be causing your foot pain. Be prepared to provide information about any medications you are currently taking and medical conditions you have been diagnosed with in the past. Your doctor will also likely ask you how long your foot pain has been bothering you, where the pain is located, and if there are any specific factors that aggravate it.

Next, the foot doctor will perform a physical examination of your feet. This will involve checking for signs of swelling, redness, deformity, and impaired range of motion. Your doctor may also order X-rays or other imaging tests to get a better look at your feet.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will develop a treatment plan. This may involve prescription medication, orthotics, physical therapy, or surgery. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your treatment options. Remember, your goal is to get rid of your foot pain so that you can get on your feet again and back to living your life!

If you are looking for a trustworthy foot doctor in Plainfield, IL, contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates and book your appointment.

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