What to Expect at Your First Veterinarian Stafford VA Visit

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Pets

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The first time you take your pet to a Veterinarian Stafford VA hospital can seem scary. You love your pet and you want him to be happy and healthy. It’s good to know what to expect on your pet’s first Veterinarian Stafford VA visit, such as the Dumfries Animal Hospital.

The Lobby

If you are worried about how your pet will act around other animals, you should call ahead and ask to have an exam room ready. It is a good idea to bring someone with you who can take the pet back to the car when you pay the bill. While in the lobby, the receptionist will ask questions or have you fill out a form about your pet. Questions usually include shots. Law requires some shots, such as rabies. Others are optional.

Meet the Vet

You will be led to an exam room. Your vet will take the time to greet your pet to start a new relationship. The vet will weigh your pet, even if you brought in a pet rat. Some vets will also measure your pet. The vet will ask pertinent questions while examining your pet. He will check your pet’s lungs, ears, legs, coat, paws, mouth, heart, and teeth. This is all part of a normal check-up.

Detecting Problems

If you brought your pet to the vet because of an injury or illness, the vet will focus on that problem first. He will ask you what is wrong, how the animal has been acting strangely, and if you know how the injury or illness might have occurred. Additional tests might be required, and the vet will explain what will happen and additional costs. You might have to leave your pet with the vet and return later.


Once the problem has been found, the vet will do whatever it takes to make your pet feel better. This might include surgery or medication. The vet will explain everything to you about caring for your pet once you go home. You will learn how to give medication properly and how to keep your pet from biting at wounds. A follow-up visit might be necessary.

Over time, your vet will get to know you and your pet well. Once that happens, you might get some special treatment such as discounts or payment plans. The first visit usually involves a new pet fee that is waived on subsequent visits.