What To Expect At Your First Minneapolis HR Roundtable

Human Resource Management in Minneapolis can be a really lonely part of the corporate team. You are expected to know that is going on within the company, find and recruit successful candidates for vacancies as well as managing all onboarding and ongoing employee management tasks.

It can seem impossible to find a way to get everything done in a day and still stay on top of current trends and changes in HR requirements. While this is true in many locations, in Minneapolis and St. Paul and throughout the Twin Cities, it is possible to attend HR roundtable events to keep you current.

What is a Roundtable?

As a general description, a roundtable provides the opportunity for a group of similar HR managers and professionals to gather to discuss issues of relevance and importance to group members.

Some HR roundtable events are more general and open to a wider range of professionals, while the top services offer more customized groups or facilitated meetings.

If you are an HR professional with several years of experience, working with a group to discuss trends, ideas and challenges is always a good option. However, you want to have a group that has the same level of experience as you do, or else you become the group mentor or facilitator.

Always choose a roundtable event that is selective in groups, members based on years in the HR industry as well as specific specializations. The more you are working with peers and not junior HR staff the more information and support you will find at the event.

The Process

Often the HR roundtable process will be defined by the group. Generally, groups meet once a month to discuss issues and the agenda is often self-set by the group. This allows individuals to address their own areas of concern that also benefit the other members in attendance.

Some groups meet in person, while others may allow for members to attend by phone or online. This is particularly important for people working outside of the Twin Cities areas when travel may be a challenge due to distance and the meeting times.

During the roundtable event, the facilitator will manage the agenda, keeping the group focus on the topics of discussion. Everyone has the option to contribute ideas, suggestions and resources, providing a collaborate and cooperative way to address issues and to increase awareness and understanding of current and future HR issues.

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