What To Except When Doing Physical Therapy in Madison CT

If someone finds out they need to do Physical Therapy in Madison CT to help an injury, they may wonder what the session will entail. Going to a physical therapist can be a beneficial way to strengthen muscles after an injury is sustained.

First, a physical therapist will ask the injured person questions about their injury. They will conduct a variety of tests to check on the range of motion they have when trying to move the area that was injured. They will then device a plan to help the person regain the strength in that area.

A variety of exercises will need to be done, targeting the area that is need of help. The patient will do these exercises each time they go to a session, building up the duration and frequency of each exercise over time.

The physical therapist will massage the muscles during each session. This will help loosen them so the person can do their exercises without further injury. Many find this part of the session is very enjoyable and will help relieve pain in the area.

The session will also involve the use of ice packs or heat on the injured area. Usually ice is used for a few days after the injury is sustained. This will help reduce inflammation in the area. Many people prefer using heat after inflammation goes away. This will relieve the area and loosens it so exercises can be done effectively. Some physical therapists use electric stimulating machines to relieve the pain in the affected area as well.

Evaluations of the patient’s progress will be done regularly. This will help to determine how many more sessions they will need to do before they can continue the exercises on their own in the comfort of their home. It is important to stick with the program until the physical therapist believes the person is well enough to stop.

If someone needs to find a facility that does Physical Therapy in Madison CT, they can ask their doctor or look for a reliable business on their own. Call Gladeview Rehabilitation and Health Care or stop by to check out the services they offer if desired.

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