What To Do Until Water Damage Restoration Companies Arrive?

by | Oct 31, 2011 | Home Decor

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Did the recent rain flooded your house? Then you must contact the water damage restoration companies for cleaning up the flood and restoring the house. But, it often taken a few hours time for the experts to reach your house. Till then you should be careful about your actions inside the house. You need to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy till help arrives. The first thing you should consider is whether it would be safe to stay inside the house. Often water damage is associated with weak structures and accidental collapse of weaker sections of the building. So, you need to ensure that there is no water logging on the roofs (if you have flat ones). Weak roofs cannot withstand the weight of water and might suddenly collapse. There are two things to remember – do not ignore the importance of immediately contacting water restoration companies and do not forget to use your common sense in such an emergency situation. If it is a serious problem of dampness and water logging, you should assess whether it will be safe to stay in the house and wait for help to arrive or to shift to a different place till the professionals tackle the problems.

You should remember that electrical hazards and slips and falls are a few of the most common accidents that can occur at a house with damp walls ans floors. Therefore, avoid touching the electrical connections and switches. If possible disconnect all electrical appliances, especially if the walls and ceilings of the house are damp. You should also be careful while lifting wet articles. This is because when wet, the weight of the articles increase and thus, if you are not careful, it can cause injuries and sprains.

In addition to this, there are a few more actions that you can perform to reduce the damages till water damage restoration companies arrive, like –

* If possible, you can remove the excess water and moisture by blotting and mopping. Try to keep the interiors as dry as possible and wear dry clothes. Do not get into the stagnant water.

* You should make it a point to remove the wet upholstery and cushions. Try to remove the wet curtains too.

* You should wipe out excess water from wooden and metallic furniture. Put aluminum foils and metals between the wet carpets and the legs of wooden furniture. This will prevent rotting to a large extent. Do not worry if you fail to eliminate the dampness, the water damage restoration companies are well-equipped to ensure complete dryness and moisture cleanups. So, do as much as you can and wait for their arrival.

When it comes to reputed water restoration companies, Atlanta, GA is the place to be. Do not fret, reputed companies arrive within a few hours. But, till then stay safe and secure.

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