What to Do If You Think Your Chicago Home Has a Radon Problem

Radon is a toxic gas and a silent and deadly killer. It sneaks into old homes and businesses from under the ground via cracks in the foundation. If you suspect that your Chicago home has a radon problem, you need radon mitigation by Chicago mitigation specialists. Here’s how the radon mitigation in Chicago works.

Schedule an Appointment to Test for Radon

The radon mitigation company comes to your home or your commercial property. They inspect the basement, looking for cracks. They test the air with a radon-sensitive instrument and look for the points of entry using the instrument’s detection scope. The appointment to find the radon takes less than an hour. If radon is detected, mitigation may be necessary.

How Radon Is Mitigated

After radon is discovered, it needs to be removed from breathable air. Then the cracks in the foundation need to be sealed. Finally, steps are taken to neutralize the radon in the soil around the foundation. The whole process takes a few hours, so be prepared if you are having the process done on a commercial property. If you are seeking radon mitigation in Chicago for your home, it’s a good idea to be close to home, but not actually in the house while the process is underway. The mitigation team will provide you with safety instructions on the day of the radon cleanup process.

If you would like to schedule a radon testing appointment or discuss mitigation procedures, Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC provides radon and vapor mitigation services for commercial and industrial properties. They employ several Illinois Licensed radon mitigators. For more details, visit their website or contact them today.

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