What to Do Before Dental Service in Sioux Falls, SD

Most people learn how to brush their teeth early in life. Children need to be taught this life habit as soon as they are able to perform the task. However, sometimes this training is ignored over time, and the neglect can add up to serious issues for the teeth and gums of an adult. No matter what, it is never too late to schedule Dental Service in Sioux Falls, SD to get back on the right track or to maintain a healthy smile.

Today’s dental technology has advanced so that many major oral health issues can be successfully treated. Even those who have extensive decay and missing teeth can have their smiles restored using the new procedures for fillings, root canals, and dental implants. These processes are also less painful than those in previous years. As such, it is a good idea to make an appointment when one is ready, so that a plan for treatment can be established with Idema Douglas DDS.

Neglecting your oral health care has far more consequences than just an awkward smile; it can affect your entire body. The mouth uses the same blood and immune system as the rest of the body, so infections that take place there may travel elsewhere. This is not good when it takes hold in the heart or even the brain. Also, people who are elderly, or who have weak immune systems, need to be wary of letting their dental care go.

Going to the dentist is just one part of a healthy mouth. You can do things that help to improve your teeth, too. One of the easiest ways is to limit what goes into the mouth. Tobacco and sugar are huge culprits for tooth decay, and the former may cause oral cancers. You can also do things to limit the effects of periodontal (gum) disease.

Proper brushing is all good, but flossing is important as well. Small bits of food that become lodged between teeth and at the gums need to be removed, and a brush alone is not effective. Some people also swear by irrigation systems, known as water picks. At home care combined with two dental visits a year is a formula for oral health success.

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