What To Discuss With An Adoption Law Attorney In St. Peters, MO

In Missouri, adoptions give couples the chance to become parents when they are sterile. Couples have the option to choose from different types of adoptions that meet their preferences. Each selection requires a rigorous assessment of the parents and a home study with a licensed social worker. An Adoption Law Attorney in St. Peters MO explains adoption types and options for parents.

What is Involved in a Private Adoption?

The adoption agencies manage the entire adoption process. The prospective parents must complete a home study with a caseworker. Additionally, the agency may require the parents to act as foster parents initially. The prospective parents pay living expenses for birth parents when adopting a newborn. The major risk involved in this type of adoption is the birth parent disapproving of the adoptive parents and stopping the adoption.

When is an Independent Adoption Available?

The prospective parents hire an attorney for an independent adoption. The attorney must file a motion to show that the biological parents have abandoned the child. The adoptive parents must exhaust all avenues for trying to locate the biological parent. The measures include placing ads in newspapers and videos and photos on social media outlets.

There isn’t a guarantee that the adoptive parents will find the biological parents. In this instance, the prospective parents cannot adopt the child legally. The biological parent’s parental rights must be terminated before the adoption proceeds.

Can Stepparents Adopt Their Spouse’s Kids?

Yes, stepparents can adopt their spouse’s children. The process gives the stepparents legal control over the child. Once the rights are established, the stepparent has the right to make choices about the child. The adoption identifies the stepparent as the child’s legal parent. If the couple divorce, the stepparent retains rights such as visitation.

In Missouri, the adoption process gives couples legal rights to the child. Each different process requires additional steps that bring the couples one step closer to becoming parents. An attorney assist in an adoption in the local area. Prospective parents who need an Adoption Law Attorney in St. Peters MO can learn about Niedner Law right now or schedule an appointment.