What To Consider When Purchasing Wrestling Scales

In any type of athletic program for boxing, wrestling, MMA or other types of competitions where body weight determines the class of competition, having an accurate, dependable and practical scale is going to be essential.

There are different styles of wrestling scales and choosing the right one for your needs is going to be important. These scales will need to be practical and accurate as well as dependable as competitors have to go through the weigh-in process in able to compete.


Most, but not all, models of wrestling scales are designed to be portable. The portable models are typically made of lightweight aluminum, often aircraft grade, so they can stand up to wear and tear. They are also going to be highly corrosion resistant, standing up to being used both indoors and outdoors if necessary.

The most portable designs will have the ability to plug in when power is available or to run off of rechargeable batteries that are contained within the console.


The most common design for these scales will be a small platform, about the size of a standard bathroom scale or slightly larger. The console controller is attached to the scale using a USB or similar type of cable.

The console will feature a clear, easy to read weight display in pounds or kilos, with the push of a button alternating between the two. Additionally, look for a zero feature that is used to reset the scale between use for maximum accuracy even with multiple users.

Most of these types of wrestling scales will accurately weigh up to 500 pounds with a variety of just plus or minus one tenth of a pound. For schools, fitness centers, gyms and training facilities these are an ideal choice.

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