What to Consider When Ordering a Furnace Installation in Chicago, IL?

Furnace Installation in Chicago, IL

Once winter starts rolling in, you will wish you had upgraded the furnace this year. Fortunately, getting a new furnace installation in Chicago, IL, is straightforward and inexpensive. Best of all, paying for the system does not feel like a burden, thanks to flexible financing options.

Benefits of a Furnace Upgrade

Even if you think about upgrading the HVAC system at home, pulling the cord might be hard. However, once you have looked at the benefits, it’s a simple decision. Since older furnace models tended to be less efficient, running them was more costly. Furthermore, they made tons of noise, and parts would often break.

Modern heating systems can actually be up to 40% more efficient than older ones. As a result, your heating bill will be way lower, cutting your monthly costs. Also, new furnaces can have lifespans of 20 years or more, making them a long-term investment.

Gas vs. Electric Furnace

Generally, the choice is between either a gas or electric furnace when upgrading a system. Natural gas can be more reliable since it continues working when the power goes out. Nevertheless, an electric furnace would be the most efficient option.

Even though electric models are expensive initially, they can pay for themselves. The utility bill will not be as high because an electric model can reach 100% efficiency. Compared to 98% with a gas one, that may not sound like much, but it adds up month by month.

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