What to Bring to Your Vacation Rental in Wailea

Planning is essential for a successful Wailea vacation. Renting a luxury rental is a way to have a home way from home on vacation. Here are some things to bring to your luxury Vacation Rental in Wailea to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you can completely relax and feel at home in paradise!

Luxury villas and condominiums in Hawaii often have kitchens that are almost complete with everything you will need during your trip to make all of your own meals. Make sure that you bring all of the groceries you will need. Some rental properties offer concierge services that will do the grocery shopping for you. If this is the case, be sure to get the list to them ahead of time. If you are making the list for yourself, try to make it at least a week ahead of time. You are more likely to forget important items if you throw it together at the last minute. Include anything you will need for baking from scratch, seasonings, grill accessories, and anything else you would use at home. The list should include any wine, beer, spirits, and mixers you may want to purchase as well. If you are not sure your rental will have tools you need such as cork screws or martini shakers, bring them with you.

If your beautiful Vacation Rental in Wailea has a pool, remember to bring extra beach towels, hats, umbrellas, sunblock, flip flops, swim suits, magazines, and other essentials you will need for a day beside the pool. You can purchase these things in Hawaii, but they will be much more expensive. These things will also double as beach day supplies.

Many vacation rentals now have the latest entertainment technology, such as stereo equipment, BluRay players, flat screen TVs, gaming consoles, and more. If you plan on using these, bring any movies, games, CDs, or other types of media that you will need for your entertainments needs while on vacation. Remember to bring your MP3 player as well, since iPod docks are becoming more prevalent in luxury rentals.

Wailea is famous for its shopping, so come prepared! Bring clothing that you will be comfortable in spending the day browsing the shops. While packing, carefully consider all activities you want to participate in, whether it’s shopping, swimming, golf, hiking, and pack your clothing accordingly. Have a great vacation in beautiful Wailea! Click here for more info

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