What to Ask Prospective Roofers Tucson

When hiring a roofer to complete a job at your home, you should inquire about a few things. Experience and insurance are among the most important things to find out before hiring a prospective roofing company. Here are a few other things to consider prior to hiring Roofers Tucson.

What Type of Experience Do You Have?

Different roofing contractors have different skills and comfort levels on different styles of roofs. If you have a large roofing job, you need to be sure that the company you are hiring is equipped with enough manpower and machinery to facilitate the size of the job. Smaller roofing companies will be better to use on a simple patching job or if you need new flashing for your roof. By knowing what type of jobs the company is capable of you will know how they can fit your particular roofing needs.

What is Your Time Frame for Completion?

This should be at the top of your list on things to ask prospective roofers in Tucson. Knowing the timetable the company has on completing your job will allow you to prepare for their presence at your home. Be sure to ask what their policy is on working in various weather conditions like rain or snow. You will not be able to predict inclement weather, but it will be helpful to know how badly the weather will affect their timetable of completion.

You should make sure that any company you consider for roofing repairs is licensed and insured according to the laws of your state. This can protect you if there is an accident on your property while the roofing repairs are being done. It is easy to simply tell someone you are insured, so you should request to see a copy of the insurance policy. You should verify the insurance company exists and that the dates on the policy are current. Be sure to contact your local licensing office to get a list of required paperwork for any company doing roofing work in the area. Usually, the licensing office will be able to verify whether or not the company has a valid license to work in the area. Visit the website for more information!

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