What to Ask at a Bicycle Store in Temecula

When you go to a well-stocked bicycle store, you’ll be faced with dozens of different options. If you haven’t spent much time researching bicycles, it can feel very intimidating. There are many different types of bicycles, brand names, and many different components that you might not understand. There are some basics you should get out of the way before you start to consider more complex things. Here are a few things you should ask.

Fixed, Single, or Multiple Gears

There are multiple different options for your gears. A fixed gear bicycle is one in which the pedals and the wheels are fixed. Whenever the rear wheel spins, so do the pedals. These bicycles are popular in some urban areas because they are so simple and low maintenance. A single-gear bicycle is a popular choice for children. The rear wheel can spin freely without the pedals spinning, but there is only one gear. If you’re shopping Custom Bicycles for yourself in Charleston, SC, you probably want something with multiple gears.

The Type

There are several types of the bicycle as well. Mountain bikes are best for rough terrain such as off-road or just bad sidewalks. Road bikes have very thin wheels and lightweight frames which make them most effective for getting you from one place to the next; they move very efficiently over the road. Cruiser bikes are some of the most popular bikes at a bicycle store. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to pedal as you move through your city.

At a place such as Bilda Bike, you can find many different types of bicycles with multiple gears. They will give you a range of different options for pedaling through hills, flat ground, and rough terrain. You’ll be able to most effectively move your bicycle through challenging circumstances.

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