What They Don’t Want You To Know About Product Placement On TV

As an entrepreneur, business owner, inventor or sales manager, getting your product on a major television show and seen by the public has a lot of value. Product placement on TV, which is also known as product integration, is not as easy as you may think. It is also not just a case of catching the eye of the producer and showing him or her how your product could fit into their next script. It is about knowing how to sell your product and a willingness to create a budget to get it done.

Big Companies Pay Big Money

When you see product placement on TV, especially on the prime time shows that have the largest viewing audience, it is important to realize that those companies have paid a significant amount for their promotion. In other words, simply having a can of a particular brand of soda, beer or soup shown on a TV show may cost as much as a 30 second commercial.

Keep in mind that when you are relying on product placement on TV it is a subtle marketing technique. The camera may only be on your product for a second and the viewers are going to be focused on the action, not on the product. However, with repeated exposure that brand become linked with that actor or actress or show and becomes recognizable to the consumers.

Pitch Your Idea for Product Placement on TV

Even if you don’t have millions of dollars to spend to buy product placement on TV, you can still get the opportunity to have your item featured on a show. Ideally know the show you think that your product would best work with and come up with ways that it could be integrated to enhance the characters or the story line without trying to write a script.

Provide samples to the producer, set director, or the group that you meet with and focus on the features of the product as they related to the theme of the show. This allows the creative nature of the professionals you are speaking with to see the possibilities without coming across as trying to define or restrict how your product could be used.

The benefit to product placement on TV is that it is an ideal way to then market your product to the general public. You can talk about the fact that your product is used in a film, movie or TV show, instantly making all the time and effort worthwhile.

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