What Should Women Know About Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Most people notice a person’s eyes before anything else. The eyelashes help to frame the eyes and bring out their beauty. When a woman’s eyelashes are skimpy and short, their eyes are not going to look as attractive as they could with a thick covering of velvety lashes. When a woman wants to improve the appearance of her lashes, it behooves her to seek Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia. With eyelash extensions, a woman’s eyes can look more dramatically beautiful than ever before.

When a woman decides she wants to get Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia, she will first need to schedule a consultation to determine if she is a good candidate. While there are many types of eyelash extensions, the most popular is the mink extension, which gives the most natural look. Mink hair is very close to human hair but it is even more velvety soft so it offers a lush and beautiful frame for the eyes.

The process of placing extensions on the lashes involves lash to lash adhesion to ensure the results are as natural looking as possible. The process involves the aesthetician taking one to three mink hairs and adhering them directly to a woman’s eyelashes. The result is fabulously long and thick lashes that beautifully frame the eyes and make it look as if a woman was born with the lashes she now wears.

Once the lashes have been attached, a woman can expect they will last from one to six weeks depending on how often she sheds lashes and how well she maintains them. Lash extensions should be reapplied every two to six weeks to maintain them and keep them looking their very best. Maintaining the lashes will keep them looking beautiful without a woman experiencing sparse lashes again.

If you are interested in beautiful lash extensions, it is important you learn About Beautiful You by Christine. With their lash extension services, you can rest assured your lashes will be longer, thicker, and more beautiful than you ever imagined. Call for a consultation appointment to get started.

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