What Should Property Owners Ask Landscape Contractors In Maui

In Maui, vital questions must be answered before a property owner hires a landscaper. The answers to these questions define the individual’s qualifications and skill set. Professional Landscape Contractors Maui answer these questions correctly and acquire new customers.

What is the Difference Between Lawn Maintenance and Full-Service Landscapers?

The major difference is the services they provide. A lawn maintenance services provides services such as cutting the lawn, trimming bushes, and treating the lawn with chemicals. The objective of the maintenance technician is to maintain existing plants and landscaping designs. They don’t design or install these concepts. A full-service landscaper, on the other hand, provides all these services plus new installations.

What Experience Do They Have and are They licensed and Insured?

The total number of years a company has been in business denotes their level of experience. A professional landscaper has experience as an apprentice for at least two years prior to obtaining their own license. They possess certification in the cultivation, care, and installation of plants and trees.

Professional landscape contractors in Maui possess both general liability and worker’s compensation coverage. The general liability insurance covers potential liabilities for working within the homeowner’s property. It covers contractual obligations and potential property damage. The worker’s compensation coverage applies to liabilities associated with their workers.

Are They Specialists?

Specialists who work with or own their own landscaping companies possess additional training. These specialists include arborists and horticulturists. An arborist specializes in the care and maintenance of trees. The horticulturist specializes in the care, cultivation, and maintenance of all plants.

Can They Provide an Image of the Projected Landscaping Plans?

A professional landscaper provides at least a sketch of their projected concept. More advance services offer computer generated images. With either option, the homeowner should acquire an image of the concept before hiring the landscaper. Browse the website for more information.

In Maui, professional landscapers understand the full scope of these concepts. They possess the experience, knowledge, and skills to answer a homeowner’s inquires. Property owners should acquire the right answers to make the best selection for their project. Property owners who want to hire Landscape Contractors Maui should contact He-Man Services right now.

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