What Should a Person Expect from Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer Nassau County, NY?

A dog bite can leave behind serious injuries that sometimes never fully heal. The risk of infection and even rabies is something most people fear when they become a dog bite victim. When a person is bitten by a dog, they can usually hold the owner responsible. It is imperative a victim seeks legal help, so they are able to protect their rights and work towards a fair settlement of their injury claim. With the help of the dog bite lawyer in Nassau County, NY, the process of settlement is generally less stressful.

When a person is first bitten, they need to seek immediate medical attention, even if it seems that the bite did not cause any major injuries. If possible, the owner of the dog needs to be located so the dog’s vaccine records can be verified. If the dog’s vaccines are not up to date, a victim may need to go through rabies shots to protect themselves from becoming infected.

Because the state of New York is a mixed state, it helps for victims to hire a dog bite lawyer in Nassau County, NY. Doing so will help them in the process of proving liability. A mixed state is one that has a “one bite” rule, along with a rule for limited strict liability. Although the state does not allow victims to recover compensation for owner negligence, there are methods of successfully winning compensation.

If a victim can prove a dog is dangerous, and the owner knew it, compensation can be sought. In some cases, criminal charges can be filed against an owner, which will result in a misdemeanor. A conviction of this charge could result in up to $1000 in fines and 90 days in jail.

A lawyer will help a victim determine the best course of action so they can receive a fair outcome for their injury claim. Those who have been injured because of a dog bite are urged to learn more at visit website. Call the Law Office of Steven R. Smith to schedule your consultation so you can get started on the process of pursuing the owner of the dog that bit you.